Super Deluxe Edition


Super Deluxe Edition

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4 Discs: 2CDs, 1 DVD and 1 Blu-ray Audio.
51 total tracks - counting all audio and video - 48 of which are unreleased tracks and/or mixes.

    CD 1:
    • Original album newly mixed in 192/24 stereo by Brendan O'Brien
    • Plus 3 Alternate Mixes newly mixed from multi-tracks by Adam Kasper – "Say Hello 2 Heaven", "Wooden Jesus" and "All Night Thing"
    CD 2:
    • 7 demos - 5 unreleased including 2 songs that didn't make final album sessions: "Angel of Fire" and "Black Cat"
    • 5 Studio Outtakes newly mixed from multi-tracks by Adam Kasper – "Say Hello 2 Heaven", "Reach Down", "Pushin Forward Back", "Wooden Jesus" and "All Night Thing"
    Disc 3 (DVD):
    • 11/13/90: Off Ramp Cafe video shot by Badmotorfinger producer, Terry Date (previously unseen/unreleased) – "Hunger Strike", "Wooden Jesus", "Say Hello 2 Heaven", "Reach Down", "Call Me A Dog" and "Times of Trouble"
    • 12/90: "Say Hello 2 Heaven" originally shot on film and newly transferred to HD (newly edited and never before seen in its entirety)
    • 9/8/92: Lollapalooza, Phoenix "Hunger Strike" surprise performance
    • Official "Hunger Strike" music video
    • 9/11 PJ20 Alpine Valley fan shot and edited videos including:
    • 9/3/11: "Say Hello 2 Heaven"
    • 9/4/11: "Hunger Strike", "Call Me A Dog", "All Night Thing" and "Reach Down"
    • All HD quality; includes Pearl Jam's stereo mix from the live multi-tracks from this event plus HD pit footage from the Pearl Jam archives
    • 1/15: "Call Me A Dog" and "Reach Down" from Madseason's 2015 Benaroya Hall concert (newly edited and never-before-seen)
    Disc 4 (Blu-ray Audio):
    • Newly mixed 96kHz 24-bit 5.1 Surround mix by Adam Kasper (Superunknown 5.1 mixer)
    • 96kHz 24-bit stereo mix by Brendan O'Brien
    • Official "Hunger Strike" music video in 5.1
    • HD versions of the bonus videos in stereo only

    Magnetic flip top box package includes booklet with liner notes by David Fricke, a lenticular sticker and a poster.